Why Gel Over Acrylic Nails?

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I personally recommend gels to acrylic as acrylics damange the nails as you have a no breathable ingredients. Acrylic is porous, which means that bacteria may enter through the nail into the space that was created. It is not uncommon to develop a nail infection between the natural nail and the acrylic, which can go unnoticed because it is difficult to see the natural nail through the acrylic overlay. Never fear! Gel nails are much safer and healthier…

Be careful when finding a salon that offers gel nails as a service, many salons will use acrylic first and then do a gel overlay. The best way to tell if this is what the salon offers is to ask if they use a powder and liquid in their gels. All gel comes premixed so mixing the powder and liquid in front of the client is unnecessary. Gel nails are very durable, perfect for the client who works with their hands, cleans often or works outside! Gel is not porous which means that bacteria cannot enter the nail and nail infections under the gel is very uncommon.

We use Bio Sculpture Gels which are known for there organic properties and breathable ingredients.

The Bio Sculpture Gel treatment does not require any harsh etching, coarse filing or electric drilling of the natural nail before application. Bio Sculpture Gel does not require any gel primers or nail dehydrators for the gel to adhere to the natural nail. The Gel is simply applied as a coating onto the nails to strengthen and condition them. When it is time for the gel to be removed, this is achieved by soaking off using our specially formulated Gel Remover solution, leaving the nail undamaged.

Bio Gel is Durable, flexible & no more chipping
Long wearing and chip-proof, your Bio Sculpture Gel treated nails keep their well-manicured look long after application.  Additionally, Bio Sculpture Gel is excellent on toenails and prevents worn or ragged edges.

The original colour gel developed by Bio Sculpture is now curable under a UV LED Lamp within 30 seconds. This advancement in technology offers fast professional curing for the professional nail therapist, maximising the potential of the Bio Sculpture Gel nail system.

please check out www.biogel.co.uk for all news & Updates of the latest products and colour or call us as we love to keep all the newest colours in for you to try!

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