A personal Face tanning lotion i like is the Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face. It doesn’t clog your pores or look to un-natural. But Fake bake do have a anti angling face tanning lotion which i haven’t tried yet! if any of you have let me know what you thought. If you need any more […]

Try the Fake Bake Xtreme Dark self tanning gel. Be aware this is a gel and can be more of a challenge to apply yourself. Its very dark when applying and needs a good buff with your mitt. An Easier tan to apply which is still dark but not quite as extreme is the Lux […]

Ok, so i get this question a lot. First of all check out the best fake tan products on the market. My personal Favourite is the Fake Bake Tanning products, depending on what results your looking for. So for a quick fix for a night out I would suggest… Fake Bake Perfection Wash Instant from […]