Hopi Ear Candling (also known Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, it is used to offer real and calming benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. The therapy is widely used by doctors in Europe and America as an alternative to conventional […]

Tint Test is required 24-48hours before you appointment Get the ultimate high definition look! A step by step process to get defined and personalised brows. Includes: tweezing, threading, waxing, tinting and defining. The full treatment a consultation, to ensure you get both your desired look and the perfect match for your face. The Brows 6 steps […]

There has been a lot of bad press recently with tinting going wrong. This is due to clients not having a skin test 24hours before. I would highly recommend a skin test 24hours or 48 hours before your eyelash or brow tint. If you do not get a skin test don’t before your appointment  we […]

The benefit of threading that most sets it apart from other hair removal techniques is its precision. While waxing and plucking can often leave unwanted stray hairs around your eyebrows, a threading goes through your hair row by row, giving eyebrows a clean and defined shape. Threading only removes hair, not skin, and because it […]

The benefits of manicures  are less obvious that you think! of course they are a relaxing way to de-stress after a long week. Manicures keep your nails healthy, and clean. You’ll have the benefit of checking hangnails for fungus or other infections. Keeping your nails trimmed at an appropriate length is a necessity for keeping […]

I personally recommend gels to acrylic as acrylics damange the nails as you have a no breathable ingredients. Acrylic is porous, which means that bacteria may enter through the nail into the space that was created. It is not uncommon to develop a nail infection between the natural nail and the acrylic, which can go […]

A good way to manage stress. Studies show that stress is the number one root of a lot of diseases and disorders. Whether it’s stress from work, home or daily activities, the result is the same: too much stress can lead to health problems. And because we can never run away from it, the only […]

Clients often ask me how often they should get a massage.  I recommend once a month. My recommendation depends on what your goals are for massage.  I’ll also carefully consider your individual condition and lifestyle.    It’s important to remember two things about massage. The effects of massage are cumulative.  So your second massage builds on the […]

There are no horror stories with us! ok so lets get to grips as to the differences so a Brazilian. This is a style of bikini waxing where all hair from the front to the back including the area between bums. Yes, there is hair between the bums too, and many women desire to get […]

The simple answer is YES!! Mens skin needs looking after just as much as women should do! There are some obvious physiologic differences (such as the ability to grow a beard) between the skin of men and women plus some less obvious differences such as men having a thicker dermis (lower layer of skin) and […]